How To Survive A Lion Attack


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Lions are majestic creatures that are often associated with strength, courage, and power.

However, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you are facing a lion, you will need more than courage to survive.

In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to survive a lion attack.

Understanding Lion Behavior

Before we dive into the survival tactics, it is essential to understand lion behavior.

Lions are territorial animals that are known to attack humans if they feel threatened.

They are most active during the night and early morning, and they hunt in groups.

Lions are also known to stalk their prey before attacking, so it is crucial to be aware of your surroundings.

What to Do If You Encounter a Lion

If you encounter a lion, the first thing you should do is try to remain calm.

Running away is not an option as lions can run up to 50 miles per hour, which is much faster than any human can run.

Instead, you should try to make yourself look bigger and more threatening.

  • Stand your ground: It is vital to stand your ground, perhaps retreating very slowly, but to continue facing the lion while clapping your hands, shouting, and waving your arms around to make yourself look bigger. Most charges are mock charges, so you will usually be fine. And remember: hold your ground! Never run or turn your back. 
  • Back away slowly: If the lion continues to approach you, back away slowly while still facing the lion. Do not turn your back on the lion as this can trigger an attack. 
  • Make noise: Lions are often deterred by loud noises. Shout, clap your hands, and make as much noise as possible to scare the lion away. 

Fighting the Attack

If the lion attacks you, you will need to fight back.

Here are some tips on how to fight off a lion attack:

  • Remain standing: If the lion charges at you, remain standing. The lion will likely go for your face and throat. This means that it will jump, and you’ll have a full view of the giant cat. While this sounds terrifying, it will help to have a clear view of the lion. 
  • Use weapons: If you have any weapons, use them to defend yourself. However, keep in mind that lions are incredibly strong, and it may not be enough to stop them.
  • Fight back: If you do not have any weapons, fight back with your bare hands. Aim for the lion’s eyes, nose, and throat.

Seeking Medical Attention

If you manage to fend off a lion attack, it is essential to seek immediate medical attention.

Even minor injuries can lead to severe infections if not treated promptly.

Additionally, report the incident to local authorities so they can take appropriate measures to prevent future attacks. 


Encountering a lion is a rare occurrence, but it is essential to know how to react if it happens.

Remember to remain calm, make yourself look bigger and more threatening, and fight back if necessary.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of surviving a lion attack.